2015 MTB League - Round 9

9 June, 2015 - 19:15
Mother-In-Law - Muddy River - Lucys Loop. 8.7km.

Round 9 is a repeat of Round 2 with some slight modifications. The course start point is at the top of the Mother-In-Law. 

Course as follows:

  1. Starts at the top of the Mother-In-Law heading down the fire road, turning left at the bottom onto the Long Way Around.
  2. Continue up the fire road and turn right into the Muddy River, up to and over the Stile.
  3. Continue up the track and take a right into the Castles, down the Stinger and at the wooden gate you are going to go left and carry on straight for around 50m (a marshal will direct you at this point)
  4. Continue up the Castles in reverse until you join the trail that descends to the farmhouse, turning right towards the farmhouse and turning right onto the double track to climb out towards the wooden gate.
  5. A marshal will direct you down the single track to enter into Aidens Canyon.
  6. Across the river, through the wall at the end and take a right turn.
  7. Climb up towards the lake that dries up and stay left and hike your bike up the steep climb on the left.
  8. Continue on the track and down to the fenceline, hop over the fence on the right and continue on the track through the woods, exiting at the top of the Down Hill course.
  9. Turn left and then left again into the old XC Course, exiting onto the fire road turn left and head into Lucys Loop for a finsh at the bottom of the climb.

Junctions/waypoints will be clearly signposted with temporary signs or red/white tape tied to branches/grasses etc.

As always make other mountain users aware of your presence by giving ample warning and slowing down.

Obey the marshalls and listen during the race briefing for any special instructions.



  • 1. John Loane (Race 1)
  • 2. Kristaps Pumpurs
  • 3. Saul McElwain
  • 1. Sean Duff (Race 2)
  • 2. Greg Clifford
  • 3. Paul Durnin
Many thanks to Marshall Group 9