2015 MTB League - Round 10

16 June, 2015 - 19:15
Annaverna - Poc Fada - Roller Coaster - Ballymakellett - End of the White Knuckle Ride. 6.6km.

Round 10 is initially one for the climbers but then after that the fun starts.  Anyone who did the league in 2013 will remember the course that Meave and John set, well this is it with a twist.  The course start point is on the Poc Fada. 

Course as follows:

  1. Starts on the POC Fada heading up the trail for approximately 1.2km and then dropping down right onto the single track to join up with the trail at the bottom of the Black Run.
  2. Turning right and commencing up the slight gradient to the top of the Roller Coaster, heading down the Roller Coaster turning left to cross the river.
  3. Climbing out on the other side of the river, heading left up the track to the wall, following the lower trail for approx 500m, heading left over a small stream to join up with the double track to follow the trails to the Ballymakellett gate
  4. At the Ballymakellett gate, you'll head right (following the same route from that point as Round 5) crossing the river and climbing up the double tracks to Tom's Farm, along the flat and descending on the Fire Roads until you reach the junction at the bottom, where you will turn right and sprint for the finish at the bottom of the White Knuckle Ride .

Junctions/waypoints will be clearly signposted with temporary signs or red/white tape tied to branches/grasses etc.

As always make other mountain users aware of your presence by giving ample warning and slowing down.

Obey the marshalls and listen during the race briefing for any special instructions.



  • 1. Kristaps Pumpurs - Race 1
  • 2. Niall Meehan
  • 3. Niall O'Flaherty
  • 1. Meave Baxter - Race 2
  • 2. Torn Fleming
  • 3. John Noone
Many thanks to Marshall Group 10