Intro to Leisure Cycling

Leisure Group Cycles:

Saturdays: Pat’s Coffee Run: Meet at Felda, Dublin Rd. Contact Pat Kilboy Ph 087 2453790 or Pat’s Saturday Morning Coffee Cycle on Facebook. This group is for people who enjoy a spin on their bike, some fresh air, a bit of craic and a coffee. Newcomers are always welcome.

Starts at 10am Nov to Feb (Winter Spin) and at 9.30amMarch to Nov (Summer Spin)

Saturdays: Francis Dollard and Barry Roger’s Touring Group. Contact Francis Dollard 087 2270878 or Barry Rogers 086 4504901. Meet at St.Helena’s at 8.15am for 8.30am departure. This group caters for those who would like to participate in longer and more challenging sportives / charity cycles around the country. Ideal for those who have a good level of fitness and are more experienced in cycling in a group.  Route will be posted in advance each week on Cuchulainn Leisure Group Facebook Page.

Starts at 10am Feb to April (weather permitting) and at 8.30am May to August.

Sundays: Philip Kerley’s Leisure Run: Meet at The Square. Contact Philip Kerley 087 2928967 or Cuchulainn Leisure Group Facebook page. Back in time for your Sunday Dinner. Route decided on morning.

Starts at 10am Nov to Feb (Winter Spin) and at 9.30am March to Nov (Summer Spin).

Summer Only

Tuesday: Women Only Spin. Leaving from Felda at 6.45pm. We would like to encourage as many women as possible to come out for a spin as long as the light allows. Spins will get naturally longer as the summer progresses. There will be a mix of experience and ability so different sub groups will be formed.  This is a great way to meet up with other female cyclists. Please check out Cuchulainn Women FB for updates of weekly spins.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Knight Riders' Midweek Spins:  Leaving from Felda at 6.15pm sharp. Contact xxxx yyyyyy 087 7599999. Leave work behind for a few hours (depending on light), get out and enjoy the sun and great company.  This is a leisurely group- not for aspiring boy racers! Runs from April to Sept only. All spins will be posted in advance on Cuchulainn Leisure Group Facebook page.


Winter spins are about 2 – 3 hours with a coffee stop. Summer spins are about 3- 4 hours with a short stop.

Speed is about 20- 25km (chatting pace). We make sure everyone gets home ok. If you fall behind we will wait for you, or if you breakdown or puncture- we stop and help. The spins are meant to be enjoyed. Please have 2 spare tubes, levers, a pump and a small tool kit. A helmet must be worn on all spins.

Looking for ward to another rewarding year.