Spring Trails Day

26 April, 2015 - 10:00
The Lumpers Bar, Ravensdale.

Now rescheduled to Sunday 26th April.

Sunday sees another of our popular Mountain Biking Trails Days taking place in the Cooley Mountains. These leisure spins are organised by Cuchulainn CC and are suitable for all ages and abilites. Beginners are particularly welcome. Participants will be organised into groups depending on their ability / interest on the day.

As always it's useful to wear the right clothing and bring the correct gear. Try to travel as light as possible but bring the following items: 

  • A helmet (No Helmet = No spin)
  • A mountain bike in good working order with suitable brakes & gears
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather this weekend.
  • Spare tube in case you get a puncture.
  • A multi-tool is always useful.
  • Food (cereal bar, banana…etc).
  • Water.


Bike Station Road League 2018

2016 MTB League - Top 6

Pos Name Pts
1 Brendan Foley 543
2 Jason Malone 522
3 Kristaps Pumpurs 492
4 Colin McGeown 478
5 PJ Hynes 464
6 David Hoey 459