2015 MTB League - Round 13

21 July, 2015 - 19:30
Mother-In-Law - 2 Oaks, Grassy Bank, Stinger, Wooden Gate - 2 LAPS.

Round 13 Love it or Hate it, something for everyone but not everything for everyone. The course start point is at The Mother In Law. 

Course as follows: 

  1. Starts at the Mother-In-Law heading towards G String on the fire road, turning Right towards the Wooden Gate.  Over the Wooden Gate heading Straight out and dropping down and starting the Descent down the Double Track towards the 2 Oaks/Farmhouse. 
  2. Passing the 2 Oaks and staying Right the track will follow the wall.  CAUTION a small section of the track has erroded not long past the 2 Oaks, you'll need to stay left (HIGH) just stay alert.  Following the track you'll arrive at a small Gully, cross over this and start heading down towards the Double Track which will lead you to the bottom of the Grassy Bank.
  3. Turning Left up the Grassy Bank commencing the climb ALL the way to the top and turning Left on the track towards the Muddy River, before the Stile at the Muddy River you'll be turning Left into the Castles and commencing the run down the Stinger.
  4. Once at the end of the Stinger you'll be turning Left at the Wooden Gate to start lap 2.   
  5. Lap 2 will finish at the Wooden Gate.

Junctions/waypoints will be clearly signposted with temporary signs or red/white tape tied to branches/grasses etc.

As always make other mountain users aware of your presence by giving ample warning and slowing down.

Obey the marshalls and listen during the race briefing for any special instructions.

Be considerate if you're parking in the area of the black gate at the bottom of the Lumpers.



  • 1. Kristaps Pumpurs - Race 1
  • 2. Niall O'Flaherty
  • 3. PJ Hynes
  • 1. Owen Dawe - Race 2
  • 2. Greg Clifford
  • 3. Sean Duff
Many thanks to Marshall Group 13