2015 MTB League - Round 4 (7.6k)

5 May, 2015 - 19:00
Bellurgan Park. 4 Laps. 7.6k.

We're back in Bellurgan Park for Round 4 of the League.

Parking: We'll be parking at the top car park this week as the start/finish area is on the course and the cars won't be an obstruction.  Be sure to get the registration done, pay any monies for the league if owed and move to the race start at 7:00pm sharp.  The race start this week will be at the Under 14 turn off.  Make you way up the doubletrack past registration swing left at the fork in the road and you'll see the course on your right hand side, continue up it to the tree which has U14 painted on it in green paint.

Entry Fee: Entry to the league is €15 payable at registration.

Start Positions / Handicaps: This race is a handicapped start based on performances in Rounds 1, 2 & 3  The start line will be at the turn off for the Under 14 Course.

Course Details (approx 7.6k):

  • The course begins where the Under 14 course breaks left off the main course at the large oak tree.
  • Starting in reverse to your normal direction and climing up past the tree through the Archway to the Drop Off.
  • Follow the the course as normal over the wall and up the Switchbacks and to the more new course features; The Long Way RoundThe Step and The Bowl leading into the Gap Jump and a series of 2 berms and onto the Rock Garden.
  • Following a couple of tight turns, over a tricky rocky section (watch your lines) and through the Two Bridges into a tight left hander followed almost immediately by a right hander, crossing the laneway and start the climb, flat climb to the Farmers Gate.
  • Follow the course on the northern edge of the forest turning right at the Cottage and heading into the start / finish area for lap 2.
  • After your 4th lap you'll be finishing past the start line, downhill just past the oak tree.


Race Groups

Marshalling this week: Torin Fleming. Seán Duff. Robbie Duffy.


  • Race 1 Winner: Liam Burns
  • 2. Aaron McCann
  • 3. Andrew Meegan
  • Race 2 Winner: PJ Hynes
  • 2. John Kane
  • 3. Paul Durnin
Many thanks to Marshall Group 4