2015 MTB League - Round 5

12 May, 2015 - 19:00
DH, Muddy River, G String Corner, The Ditch, Ballymakellet - The River. 8.6km 240m.

We're back on the open mountain for Round 5 of the League.

Parking: You can park either at the Lumpers Bar or in the area of the black gate at the start of the fire road climb. Registration will be at the start of the DH course, up the fire road, at the Y Junction, take the left, 150m further on is registration. Be sure to get the registration done and pay any monies for the league if owed by 7:00pm sharp.  The race start this week will be just above the DH course.

Entry Fee: Entry to the league is €15 payable at registration.

Start Positions / Handicaps: This race is a handicapped start based on performances in Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Course Details (approx 8.6k):

    • The course begins just above the DH course, heading down the fire road and cutting into the old XC Course on exiting the XC Course, you'll turn right and start to climb up the fire road, passing the start point and continuing up the fire road passing the mother-in-law, the turn off to the wooden gate and the top of the mother-in-law.
    • The next turn you'll take is the right, up the Muddy River, which is approx 3.5km into the course. Over the Stile and continue climbing until the the ground levels out. You'll be veering left past No Mans Land and the top of the Grassy Bank and head up to G String Corner.
    • At G String Corner, you'll take a left and descend to the Stile, over the Stile, and hit the fire road again, turning right and heading to the Ditch.
    • Go along the Ditch, over the Stile at the end and cross the river and arrive at the Ballymakellet Gate.
    • Carry on straight through on the track at the end of the track, turning left down the hill, taking a right and following the trails, over the small river, climbing over the hump and dropping down into the finish at the river.
    • Course map showing route and elevation




  • 1. Sergeyus Jurcenko - Race 1
  • 2. Andrew Meegan
  • 3. Stefan Murray
  • 1. Owen Dawe - Race 2
  • 2. John Kane
  • 3. Sean Duff
Many thanks to Marshall Group