2015 MTB League - Round 1

14 April, 2015 - 19:00
Bellurgan Park. 3 Laps. 6.6k / 200m.

Many thanks to all who raced and helped out last night and not to mention all the lads who have worked hard over the last few months in Bellurgan Park to get it race ready. Well done to Aiden, Andrew and Niall and much appreciation to local photographer Brian Mulligan (www.brianmulligan.me) for taking some spectacular photos of the race. Some photos available on the bottom of this page or the full gallery can be seen on Brians Facebook Page.


The league returns with a short 3 lap mass start race in Bellurgan Park!

Parking: Park at the lower car park. Directions as follows; enter Bellurgan Park via the main gate. At the first Y junction go right. The 'lower car park' is on your right hand side.

Once parked and ready, cycle up to the top car park for race start at 7:00pm sharp.  (Allow yourself enough time to park, get ready and then move to the top car park for registration).

Entry Fee: The first race is free of charge. Entry to the league is €15 thereafter. Payable online or at the first and second races.

Start Positions / Handicaps: This is a mass start race. Le Mans Style. The start line is at the top of the fire road at the back of the top car park.

Course Details (approx 6.6k):

  • The course begins at the top of the car park, travel along the fire road across the top of the car park and drop down towards the horse box and across the road onto the trail.
  • Go over the tombstone and cross the road. this is the start of your first lap of three.
  • Go along the trail, turn left onto the fire road, climb up and join tha main trail at the entry point into the Laurels.
  • Continue along until you meet the left turn for the U14 course. Go left and head back to the top car park.
  • After your third lap go over the tombstone and turn sharp left up to the horsebox and finish line!

League Points: Points will be awarded as normal at this race.


Marshalls / Timekeepers for Round 1: Liam Burns and Michael Wilson.

Race Groups

This race is a mass start race. Race groups will be introduced for round 3.


  • 1. Aiden McDonald
  • 2. Andrew Baldwin
  • 3. Niall O'Flaherty
Many thanks to Marshall Group 1