Round 18: Fane - Dunleer - Fane

17 August, 2017 - 19:00
Fane - Dunleer Roundabout - Fane. 26.4k.

“It's the bottom of the 9th, the score is tied it’s time for the big one”

“You think you can handle that Maverick?”

“It's just a walk in the park Kazanski”


So here it is, after 17 weeks of torture to varying degrees, we reach the end of the 2017 Cùchulainn Bike Station Road League.

 This year saw us run 3 new routes; namely Ardee, Hilltown and the inaugural Cùchulainn Stage which we hope to be a feature each year in future. Don’t worry, it will be equally challenging next year (did someone say Mast???)


Despite the previous 17 weeks having a varied selection of race and group winners, the bulk of the prizes on offer are still up for grabs.

 Hopefully with it being the last race of the season, we’ll see some additional numbers. Weather looks to be kind to us, so with any luck we’ll stay dry..


Over the last 17 weeks, during marshal stints, we seem to have hemorrhaged quite a lot of “marshal kit”. There are a number of new flashing beacons missing along with flags and high-viz jackets. If they’re burning a hole in the boot of your car, please drop them off with the Club Van or if you’re not around on Thursday, please drop them out to the Bike Station.


Right so, lecturing over: Thursday night, Round 18, Sign On DKIT, Fane Bridge to Dunleer Roundabout and back.

 Lead marshal this week is Kevin Howard (+353 (87) 986 1778). All assigned marshals for this week should have received a text, please confirm your attendance as soon as you can so as to assign locations and make life easier.


Bous points for anyone who can identify the quote on top.


Jessica JacksonCuchulainn CC6
Ciaran O'ShaughnessyCuchulainn CC6
Leah O'ShaughnessyCuchulainn CC6
Michael FitzgeraldIPA Cycling Club6
Peader GrantCuchulainn CC6
Oliver MurphyCuchulainn CC6
Anne DuffyCuchulainn CC6
Dean McArdleCuchulainn CC6
Anthony McDonaldWhite River Wheelers CC6
Philip PattersonArmagh Down CC6
Peter  TaaffeArdee Cycling Club6
Gary WinterlichCuchulainn CC6
Jonathan CorriganWhite River Wheelers CC6
Lorcan FisherCuchulainn CC6
Philip LoughlinArmagh Down CC6
Johnny McCabeCuchulainn CC6
Ben McCourt LenehanDrogheda Wheelers6
Celine McPhillipsCuchulainn CC6
Glyn O'BrienChain Reaction Cycles6
Declan RaffertyCuchulainn CC6
Jonathan CarrollArmagh Down CC6
Eric ClintonDrogheda Wheelers6
Aidan CunninghamCuchulainn CC6
Ralph GinesiNewry Wheelers CC6
Paul HowardCuchulainn CC6
Alan KellyCuchulainn CC6
Enda McKeownWhite River Wheelers CC6
John FitzpatrickCKR Cycling Club6
Sean LoughranCuchulainn CC6
Owen MartinCuchulainn CC6
Andrew McAfeeWhite River Wheelers CC6
Kevin HowardCuchulainn CC6


  • Jamie O'Hare (3)
  • Ronan Rafferty (3)
  • Martin Harvey (3)
Many thanks to Marshall Group 6

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