Round 12: Sportsman's Loop

29 June, 2017 - 19:00
Sportsmans - Majors Hollow - Blackgate.. 31.4.

Week 12: First of all, apologies to all. As its been smugly pointed out to me many times, we have a typo in the book. Page 27 Round 12 should read 29/06/17 rather than 09/07/17.

If you’re one of those people, Congratulations – you’ve found one of the 10 deliberate mistakes, find the other 9 and you win a new Bianchi  - Challenge On :-)

Anyhow, back to the route which gives and takes in equal measure, it being a loop, although the downhill section offers little respite when the group around you tries to make up for lost time heading back to Majors Hollow. There’s some gravel accumulation at Majors Hollow roundabout after the council’s valiant effort at resurfacing, but let’s not talk about that. Take care at the junction.

Couple of questions have come up regarding marshal points; these will be allocated at the end of the year as they would affect the overall league table and skew standings.

Also, since this route is a loop, it’s a possibility that the 2 races may come into contact with each other. As has been cited and spoken about many times before, A Rider from A Race May Not Interfere with Another Race. They are completely separate races and taking a tow from a different race or group, sure you might as well hold onto a passing tractor. The penalty is 15 lashes of a bike chain, or disqualification from that night’s race; either/or, although the former may be slightly “tongue in cheek”

Lead marshal this week is Alan Bingham (+353 87 760 3487). All assigned marshals for this week should have received a text on Monday, please confirm your attendance as soon as you can so as to assign locations and make life easier.

Sign on is in Sportsmans, please remember to park in the back car park. Refer to Race Booklet for details; opens at 18:15 and closes at 18:45 sharp. Marshal, please try to arrive earlier than the riders to be allocated marshal locations.

Safe riding, and see you all Thursday


Jessica JacksonCuchulainn CC6
Ciaran O'ShaughnessyCuchulainn CC6
Leah O'ShaughnessyCuchulainn CC6
Michael FitzgeraldIPA Cycling Club6
Peader GrantCuchulainn CC6
Oliver MurphyCuchulainn CC6
Anne DuffyCuchulainn CC6
Dean McArdleCuchulainn CC6
Anthony McDonaldWhite River Wheelers CC6
Philip PattersonArmagh Down CC6
Peter  TaaffeArdee Cycling Club6
Gary WinterlichCuchulainn CC6
Jonathan CorriganWhite River Wheelers CC6
Lorcan FisherCuchulainn CC6
Philip LoughlinArmagh Down CC6
Johnny McCabeCuchulainn CC6
Ben McCourt LenehanDrogheda Wheelers6
Celine McPhillipsCuchulainn CC6
Glyn O'BrienChain Reaction Cycles6
Declan RaffertyCuchulainn CC6
Jonathan CarrollArmagh Down CC6
Eric ClintonDrogheda Wheelers6
Aidan CunninghamCuchulainn CC6
Ralph GinesiNewry Wheelers CC6
Paul HowardCuchulainn CC6
Alan KellyCuchulainn CC6
Enda McKeownWhite River Wheelers CC6
John FitzpatrickCKR Cycling Club6
Sean LoughranCuchulainn CC6
Owen MartinCuchulainn CC6
Andrew McAfeeWhite River Wheelers CC6
Kevin HowardCuchulainn CC6


  • Jason McCann (3)
  • Gavin Rafferty (1)
  • Peter Taaffe (2)
Many thanks to Marshall Group 6

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