Round 07: Ardee Circuit

25 May, 2017 - 19:00
N52 - Duffys Cross - Tallanstown - N52. 34.2k.

6 weeks done already, and that offering that we made to the weather gods is paying off … so far.

A couple of points that we would like to bring to everyone’s attention at this point in the league

All riders must wear supplied armbands. If you do not have one with on you race night, make it known to lead marshal and you can be issued a replacement for that night. If you do not have an armband on you, you are not eligible for points.

All bikes must be fitted with race chips. Regardless whether you N+2/3/4 club, it is your own responsibility to have a chip on your bike. No chip, no points. Don’t ask!!

Rules of the Road: There has been some flagrant abuse of the rules of the road. To this end, we have received complaints from members of the public. Although we’ve said it on many occasions, you are all representative of your clubs, the race league and the cycling community in general. Should an accident occur because of rules of the road abuse, it is not the league committee that will be dealing with it, but rather the authorities. Should this happen, we run the risk of the league being disbanded completely. Please ride with consideration.

Marshals: All marshals in this league are riders, and vice versa. These are your colleagues. NO marshal should leave his/her post until the ambulance has passed you on the final lap. Any marshal found to have left his/her post will not receive points for the night.

Following on from the previous point: Riders. Marshals are there to warn traffic and alert you the cyclist to road conditions (gravel, water, potholes etc) By law, they cannot stop traffic so the ultimate onus is on you the rider to assess whether it is safe to continue at a junction or roundabout.


There have been some small but important changes to note for tonight’s race.

  • Sign on will now take place at the Ardee Parish centre. This is a safer location for cars and bikes. Location here


  • Race start will be between the small roundabout on the N33 and the N52 roundabout. There is a hard shoulder here to hold riders until start time. The race will be neutralised until on the N52. Identified riders in groups will marshal this. Cars will remain in front of groups until Duffys Cross, where they will pull in and re-join the race after the group has rolled through.

Wind Conditions:,-6.535,12

Lead marshal this week is Oisin O’Gradaigh (+353 86 382 1856).

Marshal, please try to arrive earlier than the riders to be allocated marshal locations.


Safe riding, and see you all Thursday


Lauren GarveyArmagh Down CC
Malcolm MitchellCuchulainn CC
Cathal O'GradaighCuchulainn CC
Ciaran RodgersArmagh Down CC
Micheal TreanorCuchulainn CC
Dessie  DuffyCuchulainn CC
Andrew FloodCuchulainn CC
Martin HarveyCuchulainn CC
Oisin O'GradaighCuchulainn CC
Macdara O'GrahamVelo Cafe Magasin
Jamie O'HareCuchulainn CC
Adrian FeganArmagh Down CC
Conor McCroryCuchulainn CC
Barry MeehanWhite River Wheelers CC
Ryan SheppardArmagh Down CC
Ronan WoodsCuchulainn CC
Gavin ByrneDrogheda Wheelers
Donnach CallanCuchulainn CC
Adrian  GarveyCuchulainn CC
Darren McCannCuchulainn CC
Rory McCoyCuchulainn CC
Gary McGovernArmagh Down CC
Niall MeehanCuchulainn CC
John MolloyDrogheda Wheelers
Barry ConveryNewry Wheelers CC
Eoin FerriterDrogheda Wheelers
Gerard KennyCuchulainn CC
Gavin TraynorCuchulainn CC
Anthony CrosbyArdee Cycling Club
Liam DolanCuchulainn CC
Conor McKeownCuchulainn CC


  • Bryan McCrystal (6) - Race 1
  • Jack O'Donnell (4)
  • Aaron McCann (4)
  • Allan Kennedy (3) - Race 2
  • Ben McCourt Lenehan (3)
  • Garry Marron (3)
Many thanks to Marshall Group 1

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